This 35 Days of Yoga Program is perfect for yoga beginners or anyone looking to add yoga into your life and keep it there! Learn how to make yoga a habit and add yoga into your life in a real and sustainable way! 

This Program Includes:

35-Day Yoga Program & How-To Guide (ebook)

A detailed plan of action for the 35 day program giving you exact steps to follow and showing you how to use this program.

12 High-Quality At Home Yoga Classes

(no "YouTube nonsense" like ads, intros, and outros. No fluff. Just yoga.)

5 Guided Meditation Audio Downloads

Meditation Guide with 5 Meditation Exercises (ebook)

Download or Stream all materials - lifetime access to all included materials


As new and updated material is added to this program, you will receive free access to it for life. 


No Fluff. Just Yoga

No "YouTube nonsense" like ads, intros, and outros for all included classes and meditations.


You can download all classes, meditations, and guides onto any device. Watch on your phone, iPad/tablet, computer, TV, or anywhere. No internet connection required! Take the classes with you on the go, and practice wherever you'd like!


For only $1 per day, you can add yoga into your life and have less stress, more clarity, more comfort, better sleep, less pain, and so much more!


Add yoga into your life and keep it there for good! Get started today! I hope you love it :)



“Really do appreciate your videos! I’m trying to gain back the flexibility I had years ago, and you’re yoga videos help me out a lot.”

-Jacqui F.

“I never did yoga before Christina’s class, and I loved it! I did NOT realize how tense I was until I did this class. I Feel so refreshed and relaxed now!! Thank you!!”

-Jo S.

“That yoga class gave me life and the calmness to sleep like a baby tonight. Thank you Christina!! You’re amazing girl!!”

-Julia S.


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