Yoga Class to Feel Empowered

40 Minute Yoga Class to Feel Empowered

Hi! I'm Christina, and welcome to ChriskaYoga! Today I am sharing a 45 minute yoga class to feel empowered! This is an empowering yoga class that will give you a confidence boost and energy as well.

You will need 1 yoga block for this class, and you can substitute it with a thick book (or get one here). This is a strong beginners yoga class (can also be considered intermediate, but can be modified for beginners). 

Sometimes we need a little confidence boost and a burst of energy in order to feel better. Especially in the winter months, it's always good to add a bit of brightness into your yoga routine. I hope this class lifts your spirits and helps you to feel great about yourself! You are awesome!

During this class, we will move through a side bend and back bend in easy pose (sukhasana), cat and cow, low lunge with a twist and a back bend, sun breaths, sun salutation a (surya namaskara a), sun salutation b with warrior 2 into triangle pose into half moon pose ( surya namaskara b into virabhadrasana II to trikonasana to ardha chandrasana), a wide legged forward fold (prasarita padottanasana), apanasana, twist, and savasana.

I hope you enjoy it!! :) 


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