Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Gratitude

Hi! I'm Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! Today, I am sharing a 40 Minute Yoga Flow for Gratitude! This is a Thanksgiving yoga flow that will be very gentle, slow, fluid, and flowing. Helping you to feel great inside and out!

This yoga routine will help you to feel grateful while you are flowing through the movement. It's a great way to cultivate feelings of gratitude, which is a great thing to do during this time of the year.

Gratitude is something that many of us neglect because we are so worried about our lives and what's going on. However, if we take the time to feel grateful for all the things we have in our lives, we are guaranteed to feel so much happier overall.

During this class we will move through child's pose, cat and cow, downward dog (adho mukha svanasana), plank pose, sun breaths, surya namaskara a (sun salutation a), low lunge, hamstring stretch, warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II) into flying warrior, wide legged forward fold with a sway (prasarita padottonasana), janu sirsasana, apanasana, and savasana.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you're celebrating, I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! See you on Wednesday for a Gratitude Meditation!


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