Short At Home Restorative Yoga Class

Hi! I'm Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! Today I am sharing a 25 Minute Short Restorative Yoga Routine for the FINAL DAY of the 12 Days of ChriskaYoga!!

For this class, you will need 2 yoga blocks (sub w/ thick books or get them here), a yoga blanket (sub w/ a thick towel or get it here), and a yoga bolster (sub w/ a pillow or get it here). 

This class is great for when you don't have 45 mins to an hour to spare, but you would still like to get a bit of restorative yoga into your day. 

Restorative yoga is perfect for relieving anxiety, reducing your blood pressure, and helping you to calm down. This is the perfect routine to do after a stressful day.

I really hope you enjoy it!! :)


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