Welcome To The ChriskaYoga Blog!

 Welcome to the ChriskaYoga Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my very first post for my new blog, ChriskaYoga.com! I hope you've taken the time to look around the site and see all the fun stuff that I put together for you on here. If not, go check it out... but then come back to finish reading this post. Also, if you're new to me (Christina) then check out my About page to learn a bit more about me!

Anyway, now that's all settled, I'd like to tell you about some of the things you'll see on this website and what to expect!

Hello, World!


What You'll See on ChriskaYoga.com

1. You will see helpful information about yoga, health, and wellness on a regular basis!

2. If you sign up for my newsletter (located in the sidebar along with a yoga goodie freebie), you will also receive extra helpful tips in your email inbox! (don't worry, no spam and I will NEVER share your information with anyone) 

4. I also offer some of my classes to download for FREE! You can practice on any device, it's completely ad-free, and you don't even need an internet connection!

5. There are also TONS of other free and premium resources that you can use to help add yoga into your life in a real and sustainable way!

There are so many more fun things that I can't even put them all on this list because there's just so much, but I think you can get the gist as to what type of content you'll see here from the items listed above.


As of now, that is the plan for ChriskaYoga.com! I really REALLY appreciate you taking the time out to come check out my first post. I've been working really hard on this website to make it really special for you, and I hope you like it! I know I am super excited to move forward and keep posting awesome information to help you all out through your yoga journeys!


Also, if you ever have any questions about yoga, health, wellness, or anything really, please don't hesitate to contact me through social media. That is absolutely the fastest way to reach me, so if you haven't already, definitely follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. 


Thank you so SO much for being here! I hope you enjoy all that I offer here!