What Is Restorative Yoga

Hi! I'm Christina, and welcome to ChriskaYoga! In today's video, I am going to be discussing Restorative Yoga. What is restorative yoga? Why does it involve so many props? Why do we have to hold the poses for so long? Is it good for you?

If you have ever wondered, what exactly is restorative yoga, and where does it come from? Then in this video, you will get some answers! 

Restorative yoga typically involves the use of yoga props such as yoga blocks, yoga blankets, yoga bolsters, yoga straps, and even eye pillows
However, I did create several restorative yoga classes that you can try without props just in case you don't have any!

You can also substitute yoga props for things that you have in your homes such as thick books, thick towels, pillows, belts or scarves. However, if you practice yoga regularly at home, then investing in some yoga props is always a great thing to do.

👉 Here is a list of all of my restorative yoga classes if you would like to practice along with me!


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