This Vinyasa Yoga At Home Immersion course provides you with 19 vinyasa yoga classes that you can download and practice with whenever and wherever you want! Live a more active, healthy, and tension-free life. Go with the flow and immerse yourself in vinyasa yoga with this course!


These yoga routines are of varying lengths, so if you're short on time, you can practice with a shorter class. If you have a bit more time, you can delve a bit deeper into your yoga practice with a longer full-length class. Vinyasa yoga really allows you to connect to your breath, which is so important in staying healthy and managing stress levels. Not to mention that this style of yoga is extremely invigorating, revitalizing, and strengthening!


The yoga classes in this course are organized into sections according to length, and each course is given a specific goal or intention. With these classes, you will be able to release tension in the areas where we hold it the most, gain & maintain flexibility, build muscle strength, and ultimately feel more relaxed.


This Course Includes:

10 Minute Basic Vinyasa Warm Up

14 Minute Vinyasa Flow for Strength & Flexibility

15 Minute Morning Vinyasa Yoga for Energy

15 Minute Beginners Level/Slower Paced Vinyasa Yoga Routine

16 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow to Relieve Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain

15 Minute Gentle Morning Vinyasa Yoga Flow

15 Minute Warming & Cooling Vinyasa Flow

30 Minute Energizing & Mood-Lifting Vinyasa Yoga Flow

28 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Muscle Toning & Strength Building

20 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Flexibility & Strength

30 Minute Full Body Vinyasa Yoga Workout Flow

20 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Hip Flexibility

30 Minute Slow & Mindful Vinyasa Yoga Flow

32 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Energy

45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Cardio Flow

40 Minute Creative Strong Beginner/Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow

45 Minute Slow & Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Flow

47 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Inversion Practice

1 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Flexibility


No Fluff. Just Yoga.

This means no "YouTube nonsense" such as ads, intros, and outros... just the yoga class and that's it.


You can keep them forever and you don't even need an internet connection!


Each section comes with a quick PDF guide letting you know of any tools you may need to aid in your yoga practice.


For only $1 per class, this course is very affordable!


Come flow with me and dive deep into this immersive vinyasa yoga course! I'll see you on your mat. Namaste.


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"This course really motivated me to incorporate yoga into a regular routine. Christina D'Arrigo gave clear informative instructions that were easy to follow. She motivated me through the course and to pursue yoga further."

-Alexandra B.

"Great instruction. Easy to follow. Well thought through and well paced."

-Andy J.

"Good sequence, clear voice and good instructions."

-Paulo S.


Get this course for only $19