Welcome to The Yoga For Dancers System, created for dancers at any level in their career who want to become healthier, less stressed, and more successful in their field. This system is a series of warm-up routines, cool down routines, guided meditations, full-length yoga classes, and other helpful resources designed specifically for dancers.


The Yoga For Dancers System is structured as a course so that you can learn about all the components before you implement them into your dance training and performance schedule. Don't worry, you won't be required to memorize anything for this course! All the yoga routines, meditations, and classes are meant to be downloaded onto a device (or multiple devices) of your choice so that you can practice them wherever and whenever works best for you.


This system was designed with dancer's specific needs in mind, and it is structured to perfectly intertwine into a-day-in-the-life of a dancer. The dancer yogini or yogi will be able to pick and choose what to practice and when depending on their current needs.


This system is structured into 6 sections:


An Introduction

Detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the program



A short yoga warm up and a long yoga warm up that you can do before you dance


Cool Downs

A short yoga cool down and a long yoga cool down that you can do to recover your body after you dance



Guided meditations to get you in the right mindset for peak performance during class, auditions, rehearsals, and show time


Full-Length Classes

On days when you're not dancing, use these classes to keep your body in shape and healthy


Bonus Material: 20 Minute Yoga Class for Hip Flexibility,

Meditation Guide eBook with 5 additional meditation exercises,

and a Marketing Guide for Dancers/Choreographers


Each section has an introduction PDF guide that explains in depth what the section is about, why it is important, and how to use it.

All movement based yoga lessons are given to you in both video and audio format, and all guided meditations are provided in audio format.

So, if you're on the go, traveling, etc., then you will be able to keep all the classes and meditations on your phone, tablet, or laptop so they can come along with you!


If you are passionate about dance, but you're always tired and stressed out, then invest in yourself today! Get your mind and body in sync with one another by implementing a carefully crafted yoga & meditation practice into your life. You have the power to make your dreams as a dancer come true, and The Yoga For Dancers System can definitely help you achieve them! Live a happier and healthier life with yoga and meditation by joining us in The Yoga For Dancers System!


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"Obsessed with the meditative sessions- so helpful and effective. Christina's voice is clear and her intonation fits perfectly with the purpose of the Yoga for Dancers System. I experienced improvement in my focus, clarity, presence and technique in my dancing within the first couple of days working with the meditations and exercises. After a long search for yoga geared specifically for dancers, it's so great to finally have it in my hands! The confidence building meditation is my favorite and I'd recommend this system to any and all dancers out there!"

-Danielle A. (Dancer and Pilates Instructor)


"I feel good!! My body feels great! So relaxing and easy to follow!"

-Heather B. (Dancer)


"I am also a dancer and I do yoga. What I liked in this particular course, it contains meditation right for the dancers: specifically focused on pre-rehearsals & pre-performances. Thank you. Appreciate you've shared your knowledge & experience. NAMASTE"

-Anastassiya K. (Dancer and Yogi)


"It was my first time taking a yoga class specifically for dancers! The classes were great, the teacher very clear and informative, and I felt revived after each class. It's very doable for all levels, too."

-Lee D. (Dancer and Artist)


Get this Yoga For Dancers System for only $19